Grace Kelly Shoes

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19K yellow gold, platinum, 16 brilliant-cut white diamonds of 0.03 carat, 32  black diamonds of 0.1 carat, semi precious gemstones.

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* Please note that the delivery time is between 3 to 8 weeks, as the shoes are made by a single craftsman in Venice.

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Princess Grace Kelly validates that anything and everything is possible.
From being an iconic hollywoodian actress to the famous legendary princess of Monaco, Grace has been the epitome of timeless elegance, royal glamour and eternal beauty.

Representing the ideal of the high society woman, the muse Grace Kelly inspired the Maison to create a Masterpiece that symbolizes the spirit of the royal woman that merges into eternity. The prototype of a woman that is born into royalty or if not, looks like one. The crown, the ultimate symbol of power and royalty, is the motif of this Jada unique creation.

Adorned with black and white diamonds and semi precious gemstones, the handmade jewel crown shoe follows the shape of perfection.

The geometry of lines and the sparkles of every precious stone merge into a universe of pure emotion, creating the dream shoes of the royal contemporary woman.

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