Jada’s creations purchased from the Jada e-Boutique or a Jada Ambassador, or an authorized Jada retailer receive the full benefits of JADA International Guarantee. In order to benefit from this, we kindly request you to present the Warranty Card which can be found in the delivery package that contains your JADA Creation. The JADA warranty card must be dully filled, dated, stamped and signed by the JADA e-Boutique or by one of the authorized JADA retailers.

JADA warrants its product against defects in the materials used and manufacturing for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase. If the product is returned during the International Guarantee period, JADA will replace or repair any defective part of the product or replace the product itself free of charge within a reasonable time after the product is returned to the Maison.

Your Jada International Warranty does not cover, notably:
- defects and damages due to loss, theft or fire or other causes beyond our control;
- defects or damages resulting from misuse or negligence, or from accident;
- defects or damages caused by improper use (knocks, dents, crushing to the case, crystal, bracelet or strap, etc.), alterations, tampering, dismantling or unauthorized modifications or repairs, as well as services, works and repairs performed by anyone other than a Jada boutique, a Jada authorized retailer;
-defects and damages due to normal wear and tear of the shoes;
-routine maintenance and cleaning.

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