With the Maison’s attention to details, each creation of shoes encapsulates rare emotions and an exceptional story. Creating your unique pair of shoes for an unforgettable moment or event is much more than creating an object: it will always accompany you through your life as a remembrance of a unique moment. Jada enables its clients to create their own dream piece calling upon the limitless imagination of its clients.

The journey begins with a meeting between the client and the Maison’s Chief designer. The key lies in discovering the client's personality, in order to create the pieces of their dreams. The result of the meeting is a selection of drawings. Once a drawing matches the client's imagination, the piece will come to life in a period determined by our experts. The required time to execute the masterpiece may depend not only on the complexity of the design, but also on special requests regarding rare precious stones that need to be selected and engaged in a rigorous expertise conducted by our specialists in France. The client is invited to choose the fabrics the timepiece will be made of and to decide every detail related to the process of creation.

In order to add to the exclusivity of the special order, the shoes can be engraved with a chosen name, initials or a personal message. The final shoe handed down to the client incorporates the ultimate dream of emotions and beauty, enlightening a special moment in life with the brightness of the world’s most sparkling diamonds.

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