The collection entitled “The Imperative of Royalty” consists of luxurious timepices and 1 unique Masterpiece, the first shoes in the world covered in platinum and gold and adorned with 54 carats of diamonds and 416,2 carats white sapphires.

Each model is truly unique, being inspired by iconic royal women, from Cleopatra, Grace Kelly to Princess Diana or Josephine, Napoleon’s beloved wife. Every creation reflects the different fascinating personality of a feminine royalty, being a piece dedicated to the contemporary high society woman.

Grace, royalty and elegance are the elements that define the singularity of every Jada woman. Jada’s signature is creating the first shoes in the world with the insole and outsole covered in gold and platinum, the most precious metals. As symbols of royalty, black and white diamonds, emeralds or rubies adorn the Jada’s unique creations.

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